How petprintr works?

Hi there and welcome to petprintr.

Who are we? We are a design and print service. 

How does our service work?

 (1) You will decide from our product range what product you would like your pets face/bust printed on.

(2) Prior to payment, upload your favourite picture of your pet on the product page.

(3) Follow through with preferred payment.

(4) One of our three professional artists will then create your pets caricature.

(5) The design will then be printed on your desired clothing/apparel and will be subsequently shipped. 

(6) 10% of every sale will be going to charity 

Shipping speeds? due to the nature of the artwork and printing process we need up to 5 days in order to create the artwork (quality assurance). From there, the product is shipped. Shipping speeds range from 4-7 days in the United States and anywhere from 7-20 days worldwide.

Charity? we will be posting our monthly donation across all our social platforms every single month.